September Update

This was a month of reading!  I was disappointed with only a few titles- which I haven’t included in this blog- and was amazed at other titles.

Here’s a list of some books I’ve enjoyed this month:

Realistic Fiction:

Boys without names by Kashmira Sheth
This book made me appreciate my life and question items I’ve bought from other countries in concern that they were made through child slavery.  I loved the story telling through the book and additionally how people can rise up from oppression.

Ratfink by Marcia Thornton Jones
Touching book with a boy who worries a bit too much about what others will think about his grandpa who recently moved into his house.

i, Q. The White House by Roland Smith
It was exciting to get this book- second in the series- which contained an excellent adventure and left me with another cliffhanger…

Historical Fiction:

Best Friends Forever – A World War II Scrapbook by Beverly Patt
This was a beautiful storyline following the experiences of two girls who are torn apart during World War II when one girl’s whole family is sent to a Japanese Internment Camp.  It has an interesting format and beautiful pictures throughout.

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen
I was surprised how gritty this story was about a boy surviving after his family was captured during the American Revolution.
Gary Paulsen’s own explanation in a movie:


Finally by Wendy Mass
I really enjoyed reading 11 Birthdays and was slightly disappointed at first to realize this book wasn’t a sequel but a companion to the book.  After getting over this, I thought the story line was entertaining and I liked how all the pieces were tied together in the end.

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman
Although this book is more of a middle school read, I found the setting fascinating. Enjoyed imagining working in a library that loaned out costumes, furniture, and magical items.

Ivy’s Ever After by Dawn Lairamore
A princess breaking the rules and protecting a dragon who turns into a friend?  Wonderful!  This book was entertaining from the beginning to the end.

Tum Tum & Nutmeg – Adventures beyond Nutmouse Hall by Emily Bearn
I loved the cute adventures and imagined reading them aloud to numerous classes.  The book brought me back to reading The Rescuers and The Littles as a child.

Wolves of the Beyond- Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky
There were good connections between this wolf story and the Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole story line.  I thought it was a good start to the story.  I also enjoyed reading Lost Tales of Ga’Hoole which was a fun quick return to that series.

Non Fiction:

Nest, Nook, and Cranny by Susan Blackaby
I’m excited that Susan Blackaby is coming as a guest author this year to my school.  This is a brilliant poetry book and I enjoyed reading it twice taking note of all the explanations of the poems at the back of the book.

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan
It is nice to sneak in a graphic novel during the month.  This one was no exception.  Matt Phelan draws you into the bleak existence of life in 1937 in dust bowl America.  Note: there is a little swearing but nothing that can’t be explained or warned in advance.

YA/High School:

The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade
I enjoyed reading another “steampunk” story.  I felt like I was thrown into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde storyline with Sherlock Holmes  mixed in.  Pretty dark and more appropriate for middle school readers.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
The FINALE!  I enjoyed every minute of reading this book and do not want to give away anything.  I recommend starting by reading Hunger Games.  Here is a book movie promotion for Hunger Games:

Paper Towns by John Green – HS
I never knew there were actual towns with a population of 0, 1, or 3.  This was a brilliant story following a boy who has a childhood best friend pop back into his life and bring him through a crazy experience… really funny but serious.  After reading this book, I’m currently reading two of his other books- one in the car and one at home.
Here’s John Green’s introduction to Paper Towns (hilarious)

Suite Scarlett and Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson
I enjoyed the storyline of both of these books and was immediately drawn into the characters’ lives.  I can’t imagine living in a hotel and being responsible for hotel guests.

Adult Reads:

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable by Barbara Kingsolver
I listened to this book which I thought was terrific since it was read by the three authors but now I feel the website is an excellent asset to anyone interested in learning about supporting and appreciating local food growers and becoming self-sustaining in your own home.  Also, there are some terrific recipes available to use:

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
I tend to read many books from the animal’s point of view and wasn’t disappointed with this heart wrenching story.  I noticed that this movie is slated to be created in 2012…

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
The audiobook for this title is brilliant!  I enjoyed every minute of the story but recommend that the reader also borrow the book since there are some illustrations which bring the setting of a zoo traveling by train even more to life.  The story switch between the younger and older Jacob Jankowski was heartbreaking and quite fluid.  I noticed that this will be a movie released next year.  Shall be interesting to see how the story is adapted.

Here’s the focus titles for the month:


Mail Harry to the Moon!

by Robie H. Harris

I enjoyed this book because of the touching story and that the main character showed how he coped with a new situation.

Call Number: E HAR


Tofu Quilt by Chin Yeung Russell

Beautiful reflection on the author’s life written in free verse poems. I enjoyed the book with her growth as an author and message on the importance of education.



Biblioburro by Jeanette Winter

Inspiring true story of Luis who lives in Columbia. He had so many books he decided to share them with his community.

Call Number: 921 SOR

One wonderful movie you can watch about the Biblio Burro is this one:


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