October Update

September was quite a busy month!
Here are a few of my favorite reads of the month:

Realistic fiction:
Star in the Forest by Laura Resau
Touching  story which addresses immigration complications and delicate family/friendship issues. 3rd-5th grade

Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Imagine beginning a new school year with the plan to try out four new personalities, will you keep track of the people you used with each personality. 4th/5th grade

Touch blue by Cynthia Lord
One of the best books I’ve read this year.  I loved the island setting, foster family situation, and importance of belonging to a community which flow through the book. 3rd-5th grade

Fantasy fiction:
The Elephant’s Tale by Lauren St. John
This is the final book in an excellent series, Legend of the Animal Healer, one of my favorite animal rescue stories with scary adventures. 4th/5th grade

Adventure fiction:
Middleworld by J & P Voelkel
Incredibly fast paced storyline with a great new hero for future adventures to anticipate reading!  4th/5th grade
Maya websites on the Middleworld webpage: http://www.jaguarstones.com/LinksMaya.html

Non Fiction:
Once Upon a Time- Traditional Latin American Tales by Rueben Martinez
Excellent folktales in Spanish and English.  Fun to compare with fairy tales from other cultures. All ages.

Graphic Novels:
Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray by Nick Bruel
I think this is a hilarious story, as all Bad Kitty stories are terrific.  Enjoy! All ages.

Lunch Lady – The Summer Camp Shakedown by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Super hero lunch ladies and kids who get into crazy adventures.  There are other Lunch Lady stories as well.  All ages.

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk by Dav Pilkey
Another Captain Underpast style hilarious book!  I like that this one is hardbound, will last longer as students read this left and right! All ages. See what the author has to say on this webpage: http://www.pilkey.com/bookview.php?id=46

High School Level:
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Excellent book for high school students and adults.  The way the story is written, you anticipate every page turn.  Warning: mature content.

The Red Thread by Grace Lin

This is a beautiful adoption story with a fairy tale theme added in.  The red thread then also connects with Grace Lin’s other amazing book: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Call Number: E LIN

Red Thread

The Day-Glo Brothers

by Chris Barton

Excellent example of using creative ideas and persistence to create something new and financially successful!

535 BAR

Day Glo

Clementine, Friend of the Week

by Sara Pennypacker

This is another hilarious edition of the Clementine series.  I enjoyed how Clementine’s point of view was brilliantly presented throughout the book, especially with dialogue between her and her principal.

Call Number: SER FIC PEN

clementine friend

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