February Update 2011

January was book award month!  I celebrated my favorites and placed many titles on future “to read” lists.  Thought I’d share a few favorite technology resources besides books that I enjoyed this month:


Zapato Power by Jacqueline Jules, new series that is terrific!  Great for 2nd grade and up.  This book will lead to discussions on military families, multicultural perspectives, and also a great fantasy with magical shoes!

Hero by Mike Lupica
Great quick read about a boy who suddenly discovers that he has superhero abilities.

The Book of Elsewhere by Jacqueline West
I always enjoy a story about a character moving into a house which turns out to have some magical ability.  This time, there was that setting but the original idea of a girl discovering how to climb into permanently mounted pictures throughout the house and adventuring within the picture world.  Fascinating.

The Crossbones by Patrick Carman, horror, upper 5th/YA- great, suspenseful with good twist as usual.  I love this series.

Historical Fiction

New Newbery winner: Moon over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, see short review and picture below.

What I saw and how I lied by Judy Blundell
This was a really great audiobook which I couldn’t wait to listen to… suspenseful and disturbing at times…  shares a different perspective on veterans after WWII and the bigotry impacting communities and people at that time.

Humorous Fiction:

Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger – I know this one will be popular… features a cute little stuffed animal which turns people into Zombies!

Young Adult Books:

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
WOW.  This is a must read, but perfect for audiobook format with a brilliant reader and fascinating plot.  I loved jumping between present day and the French Revolution.  The celebration of music, angst of death, and fear of trust and love flowed throughout the story as well.  This book I couldn’t stop listening to, brought in from the car and sat and listened for hours…

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
This was a jointly touching and upsetting book.  Well worth the read.  Be prepared though, haunting novel with suicide tied throughout the story.

Ship Breaker By Paolo Bacigalupi
This is one of my favorite books so far this year!  Dystopian story which really has you reflect on what our future could turn into with environmental impacts, oil consumption, and scientific advances.  Also, I’m quite invested in the characters and looking forward to the sequel… although, for once, I felt there was a true conclusion which I really appreciated the author doing since many books seem to leave you hanging when there is a sequel.

Favorite technology connected with literacy from this month:

Fox in Socks speedy presentation:

Wonderful book recommendation site:


Interview with new winner of the Caldecott award- book: A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Phillip C. Stead, illustrated by Erin E. Stead   http://blaine.org/sevenimpossiblethings/?p=1723

Fun Rat Chat videos, features new books coming out:  http://www.ratchatreviews.com/

Free Book Resources:  Project Gutenberg:

“History Teachers” on YouTube are brilliant:

Mr. Popper’s Penguins coming to theaters in August:

The Curious Garden
Peter Brown Nature from concrete, message: cooperate with nature! Call Number: E BRO

curious garden


The Hive Detectives Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe by Loree Griffin Burns Fascinating research in action book featuring a scientist investigating a bee colony collapse. 638 BUR

hive detectives


Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool I treasured every beautiful word used to write this book.  The adventures, setting, and dual storylines were fascinating to get lost in! Newbery winner 2011. Call Number: FIC VAN


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