June 2011 Update

Ready for the end of the school year? I’m enjoying plugging my way through many interesting books!
Here are some I thought were special:
Picture book:
Rain School by James Rumford – wonderful example of a community which pulls together each year to provide an education to their children.

Storm Runners by Roland Smith – 3rd grade and up: Adventure fiction
This book was frustrating because I didn’t realize I was reading the first book in a series! It sure leaves you with a cliffhanger! Terrific, entertaining book besides the series part!

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors – 4th grade and up: Mystery fiction
Interesting mystery adventure with many curious characters to enjoy reading.

Saving Zasha by Randi Barrow – 4th grade and up: Historical Fiction
This book opened my eyes to another facet of WWII, the impact on dogs- German Shepherds were hunted after the war in Russia and this story focuses on a boy who is trying to save one which came onto his land.

Radiance by Alyson Noel – 5th grade and up: Fantasy
The preface of this book having to do with a girl who is dead learning how to live in the afterlife was difficult to move beyond. I did enjoy the adventure but found the topic to be more of a middle school subject.

Graphic Novels:
Babymouse #14: Mad Scientist by Jennifer and Matthew Holm
These authors never disappoint!!! I loved this new Babymouse book and look forward to never seeing it in the library since it will be constantly checked out.

Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires
Hilarious book from the point of view of a cat who longs to go into outer space. Terrific introduction to graphic novels to partner with Bad Kitty books!

Zebrafish by Peter H. Reynolds
This is more of a middle school/high school book but quite a beautiful book with a terrific message and humor cleverly mixed in.

Middle School/High School Books:
Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson – 6th grade and up: Historical Fiction
Fascinating portrayal of a girl who was supposed to be released from slavery but instead was sold and moved with her little sister. Reading about the spying was also an interesting piece of this book.

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card – 9th/10th grade and adult: Fantasy
I loved this book. It felt connected to several Neil Gaiman’s books and I enjoyed the adventure as characters developed their magical abilities and discovered what their power could provide for them.

The Clever Stick by John Lechner
Celebrate how to communicate and creativity by reading this book! Fans of Sticky Burr, here is another book by the same author! Call Number: E LEC
Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg
This book is based on a true story about the first woman to go over the Niagra Falls and survive! I found this book amazing and beautiful to enjoy since in the past Chris Van Allsburg’s books are mostly fantasy- from Jumanji to Zathura to The Polar Express!
The Last Newspaper Boy in America by Sue Corbett
This is a terrific book for families to read together or a class read aloud! I enjoyed the action taken in this book and additionally the community I grew to know.
Call Number: FIC COR

Thought I’d share a few videos to finish off the year since there are a few book related films coming out and also a new funny library promotion music video-
Library card:

Mr. Popper’s Penguins:

Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer:

Tin Tin:

Can’t miss: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2:


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3 Responses to June 2011 Update

  1. Aloha,e Deborah! Thanks so much for recommending my book! This past week, I put up a website. On it, I put some more information about RAIN SCHOOL. Please take a look when you get the chance. Aloha, James Rumford

    • What is your website? I searched and read some terrific articles about your books, but couldn’t find your new site. Also, I highly admire your book Silent Music as well! Thanks, Debbie

  2. Aloha, e Debbie, My website is jamesrumford.com. Since the website is hardly a few weeks old, I suppose it doesn’t appear on the first page of the search list.
    By the way, I have just started a blog about children’s books: calabashcat.blogspot.com. Thanks. Aloha, James Rumford

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