December Updates 2011

On the Ridgewood Library Webpage, there is new information posted on both Ridgewood Library After School Book ClubAuthor Visit information, and favorite books updated monthly: 

Also, if you want some fun holiday/book purchase recommendations, here’s a list that I created:
Holiday Shopping List

Favorite books read this month:
Realistic (almost) Fiction: Trash by Andy Mulligan: Fascinating setting that could be realistic fiction or possibly futuristic with a family living next to a garbage dump and how they survive on the treasure found from trash… and what happens when a boy decides not to pass a treasure found over to the police. For mature 4th/5th graders.

Realistic Fiction (middle school) Bluefish by Pat Schmatz: One of my favorite books all year tackling illiteracy, low income families, alcoholism, with a story told with two beautiful voices. 

Graphic Novel: Around the World by Matt Phelan: This book made me reflect on how strong a graphic novel can be in delivering  non-fiction information. 

Fantasy: The Apothecary by Maile Meloy: Wow, this was a wonderful adventure with many unexpected twists and turns from a strong beginning to a terrific ending that made you wish it wasn’t coming. Highly recommended for fantasy lovers. 

Realistic Fiction: Hound Dog True by Linda Urban: I thought this was a beautiful story with a painfully shy main character and celebration of a custodian’s role in the school.

I did read THE FINALE!  Inheritance by Christopher Paolini- 859 pages, and I did enjoy every bit of the completion of the series.

I wondered if I was reading the finale of this series: The Missing- Torn- Book 4, by Margaret Peterson Haddix… shall see!  It was quite the adventuresome romp with exploration mingled throughout the book.

Finally, I read the first book in the Animorphs Series: The Invasion by K.A. Applegate.  It is a possible OBOB title for 2013 and it was quite the interesting read!

I really enjoyed reading Ghostopolis by Doug Tennapel- quite the dark but entertaining graphic novel!

Need a quick, entertaining family activity? This one will make you and your family laugh (for adults to read): Pass-a-doodle:

How many of you marked your calendars? If you haven’t, do so!!
Celebrate Newbery books with the 90 second book trailer on March 3rd, 2012:
(Hoping to meet Ridgewood Newbery Club members there!)

Milk + Bookies is a non-profit organization that exposes young children to how great it feels to give back while celebrating the love of a good book. Here is an organization to investigate:

Author Visit at Ridgewood February 9th:  Author Trudy Ludwig speaks about bullying and children:

Book Recommendation Webpages to enjoy:
Books for Harry Potter lovers:  (Wonderful book talks!)

Hugo author Brian Selznick shares his favorite books:

Book Trailers:
Celebrate with: Hunger Games Trailer

Fascinating list of books available on YouTube: Great book trailers listed on this blog page:

The Lorax:


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