Poetry celebrations are coming soon to Ridgewood!

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Fun with poetry. I loved this book: My Teacher Is a Dinosaur by Loreen Leedy – Really enjoyed reading this book with my son. It was a fascinating introduction to earth’s history and development of life on earth as well. Hilarious jokes, terrific poems, great riddles, and jaw dropping facts. Also, fabulous illustrations!

How many have attended #titletalk on Twitter in the past? Me: I’ve always read through past posts but never experienced the brilliance, until today. I felt like I was in a crash one hour course with hundreds of brilliant minds all sharing their treasures. What a lucky experience for anyone who loves literature- especially teachers, librarians, school librarians and children’s literature fans.

I filled my Diigo page with an amazing amount of resources and shared them with my OASL- Oregon Association of School Libraries group community. Then I also thought I’d share them in…

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  1. My son loves dinosaurs, this could be just the book for him, love that expression!

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